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EUserv Reseller Program

Sell EUserv's reliable internet services under your own brand

EUserv Reseller - Programm

Increase your product range easy and fast with products and services from EUserv and earn something while doing so. As a reseller you are able to sell EUserv server-, cloud-, domain- and webhosting offers to your customers, determining your own conditions.


EUserv will take care of the setup and the frequent monitoring as well as a competent administration. Thanks to standardized products with fully or largely automated interfaces, portals and processes as well as the innovative EUserv Customer-Panel-Feature which may save valueable time that finally could be spend to your customers or projects. And keep in mind: The provisions based on reselling our products will reflect in a financial profit for you.


Which benefits offers EUserv Reseller Program?

As an EUserv Reseller you'll benefit from:

  • attractive reseller discounts
  • a faster provision of services
  • a preferential support
  • free pricing towards your customers
  • a special Reseller-API for an anonymized provision of own services to your customers
  • shorter contract terms to assure you a higher flexibility
  • professional support and personal point of contact


Which Discounts granted by EUserv to Resellers?

  • waived setup fee beginning with the first service
  • discounts on the monthly billings
  • discounts starting with domain-counts >500

Discount table:

monthly invoiced revenue discount to discountable plans
500-1000 EUR 2% to invoice
1000-2500 EUR 4% to invoice
>2500 EUR 6% to invoice

Which requirements apply for Resellers?

To become an EUserv Reseller you have to:

  • be at least a small-scale entrepreneur (with a valid trade certificate)
  • be at least 18 years old
  • own an up-to-date company website
  • have a valid contact address
  • have a valid email as well as a telephone number
  • act on your own behalf
  • supply support for your consumers by yourself
  • provide active marketing and sales

How to become an EUserv Reseller?


EUserv Customer Account
Download and Sign of Reseller Application
Scan your
Trade / Business Licence
Send Documents as PDF
to EUserv

*)**)***) All prices are included VAT depending on selected country, price tags are per month if not displayed different, additional one time setup fee may apply starting at 0,- EUR. Please watch full description, details and pricing of service. Contract term depends on ordered service from one month. Our terms and conditions obtain for every placed order. Technical data are subject to change. Errors excepted. Productnames, logos and trademarks reside in owner although if not separate marked.

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