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Uninstall of the software with software installation


Uninstall of the software with software installation


1. Select the concerning contract in the customer service center.

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2. Select 'Software-Installation' in the central menu.

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3. Click on the button 'Löschen' to start with the uninstall of the software.

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4. Once you have started the uninstall of the software, the software-overview shows that the uninstalling process is in progress.

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The uninstall takes half an hour.

5. If the uninstall was completed, you can continue with the deletion of the database. Select the heading 'MySQL' in the left menu.

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Before you delete the database, you should check whether you will need the contained data and previously secure it.

6. Because of the uninstall process the status 'Auto-DB' is removed. You can delete the database by clicking on 'Delete'.

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7. Once you have given the order for the deletion of the database, a confirmation will be shown and the uninstall is completed.

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