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Usage of the Pro Option


Usage of the Pro Option


If you have a dedicated root server at EUserv and want to take advantage of additional features you can order the "Pro Option" (additional charges apply in this case).

With the "Pro Option" enabled the following features are available for dedicated root servers:

- Additional IPv4 addresses
- Own IP subnet (or routed VLAN)
- Additional Gbit port
- USB hard drive
- USB Flash Drive
- KVM over IP
- Loadbalancer
- Cisco Hardware Firewall
- NFS Storage

The "Pro Option" is not available in all server plans.
More information about the "Pro Option" can be found in the plan description of the respective server.

Usage of the Pro Option

Please proceed with the following steps to order and activate the "Pro Option" for your server plan:

1. Login to the customer control panel under https://support.euserv.de
2. Select your server contract from the menu item "Contracts"


3. Choose "Pro Option" in the following overview


Then press the button "Activate Pro-Option" to enable the "Pro Option" for the server contract.


Now the "Pro Option" is activated for your server contract. Information on the usage of all enabled resources of the "Pro Option" can also be displayed here.


Fees for the "Pro Option" are charged on a monthly base.
The "Pro Option" is tied to the respective server contract and expires automatically on the termination date of the corresponding contract. Therefore, a separate termination of the "Pro Option" is  not possible.