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Creating email addresses under subdomain


Creating email addresses under subdomain


If you have an EUserv domain, e-mail or webspace plan, you can create e-mail aliases under a subdomain in the EUserv customer panel. This wiki guide shows how to do.

Creating a subdomain

To create an email alias under a subdomain, you have to create a subdomain before.

Example: If you have registered the domain "domain.xy" at EUserv. You want to create an email alias (email address) under your main domain (e.g. "info@domain.xy") and one or more subdomains. You can send and receive mails under "info@sub.domain.xy".

Please proceed as follows:

  • Log in into the customer panel with you customer ID and your password under: http://support.euserv.de
  • Choose your domain contract for which you want to create a subdomain.


  • Under Domain click on "DNS-Verwaltung".


  • Create a DNS entry for your subdomain.
  • Under "Domainname" enter the name of your domain. (Example: domain.xy)
  • Under "aufzulösender Wert" enter the name for your subdomain. (Example: If you want to name your subdomain sub.domain.xy, enter "sub".)
  • Under "Typ des Eintrages" choose "MX".
  • Under "Ziel" enter "mx10.kundencontroller.de".
  • Under "Priorität" enter "10".
  • Click on "Anlegen".


Create e-mail addresses

To create an e-mail alias under your subdomain, please proceed as follows:

  • Choose your domain contract for which you want to create the e-mail alias.


  • Under Email click on "Aliase/Adressen".


  • Under "Neue Email-Adresse für" choose the subdomain from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on "Anlegen".


  • Under "Typ der Adresse" choose between "Aufschaltung auf Postfach", "Forward auf externe Adresse", "Sammelaccount auf externe Adresse" or "Sammelaccount auf Postfach". (Example: "Aufschaltung auf Postfach")
  • Under "neuer Alias" enter the new e-mail address. (Example: info@sub.domain.xy)
  • Click on "Speichern".