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Create form mailer


Creating a form mailer


If you have an EUserv webspace plan, you have the possibility to use form mailer for your website.

A form mailer is a contact form for your website. A contact form that your visitors have the opportunity to get in touch with you without having to reveal your email address directly. This protects you from spam.

Form mailer

In the EUserv customer service center, you have the possibility to create form mailer.

Choose your webspace contract for which you want to create the form mailer.


Once you have selected your webspace contract, click on "Formmailer".


Here you can set up your webspace form mailer. The overview "Formmailer" shows, how many available tariff you have in your form mailer, how many form mailer you have already created, which Recipient's email address hold the individual form mailer and a comment box where you can enter a note. Click on "Anlegen" under "Einen neuen Formmailer" to open the corresponding menu.


Setting up a form mail

In this part of the EUserv customer service center, you can create the desired form mailer. In the "Empfängername" you can enter the name the recipient of the email. Normally, that's your name. Under "Empfängeremail" enter the email address to which the form of mail messages are sent. Logically, you should have access to that email address. It lends itself well to this, create a separate mailbox e.g., info@meinedomain.de. With the field "Return-URL" to specify on which side your visitors are led by successful filling up the form mailer (e.g., "http://www.meinedomain.de/danke.html"). On "Feld 1-5" you can display various information, which are the queries relevance to you (e.g., Name, Adresse, Email, etc.). These fields can be automatically entered in the email that is sent to you. In this field "Textkörper" with the command {{feldx}} is implemented (where x is the field number). You can supplement this with text of your choice, to be included automatically in any form mail. By "Komment" you write a personal comment in order to identify every form mailer right away.

Clicking on "Speichern" to confirm your settings.


On the overview page of the form mailer appears in the table. The fact indicated Web_ID ensures that every page visit is automatically assigned to the correct form mailer. This Web_ID is also find itself in the source code of the form mailer which you get if you click on "Anzeigen" under "Quellcode" and copy it in your website source code.



Editing/deleting a form mailer

To change the options, click on the overview page "Formmailer" right next to the desired form mailer on "Ändern".

If you want to delete a form mailer again, just click on "Löschen".