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Domain transfer with a server to EUserv


Domain transfer with a server to EUserv


You have a server with a domain and want to move to EUserv?
You should perform the domain and server transfer separately from each other. How you can do this can be found in this manual.

Server transfer

  • Order a root server at EUserv.
  • After it has been provided, login into the customer service center:


Now, the server must be initialized and placed in the initial state. Select your desired operating system.

To confirm the server initialization click on Initialisierung starten (start initialization).

Now, the desired operating system will be installed on your server.

  • Setup your server at EUserv.
  • Transfer the services from the old server to the new server at EUserv.
  • Check the functionality of the newly configured server (is the webserver reachable or do all services run like desired?)
  • Change the DNS records by your old provider to the IP address of the new server at EUserv.
  • Check the functionality of the newly configured server again (is the domain connected and accessible?)

Domain transfer

In order to transfer your domain to EUserv, the following steps are necessary:

  • Request the AuthCode from your old provider.
  • Order a domain product at EUserv in the desired plan.
  • Enter the AuthCode of the domain in the customer service center after the order.

Login into the customer service center and select your domain contract under Verträge/Bestelungen (contracts/order).

There you can enter the AuthCode from the old provider.

The transfer is done within a few days.

After the processing of the order in the customer service center, select your domain contract and carry out all the necessary DNS settings: DNS settings

For safety just test again, if the configuration suits you. If so, you can cancel the servercontract at your old provider.