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API Controller Console Manual


API Controller Console Manual

Program Preparation


In order to use the program you must create a configuration file first, you can us the file “config.ini” in your installation directory. Copy it to a directory you want to use the program from and open the file. Enter the your API user name after “name=”, after “pass=” the password and after “serv=” just enter “Livesystem” or “Sandbox” depending on what you want to use. It is also possible to use any file as configuration, you can read more about this in the section Additional Parameters – config_file.

Test Configuration

Before you enter your data in the configuration file you can test it using the following command. Open your console and switch to the directory which contains the “apicmd.exe”. Next enter the following line:

apicmd.exe "check_login" "'serv'=>'[Sandbox or Livesystem]'; 'name'=>'[the user name]'; 'pass'=>'[the password]';"

Command Syntax

API Commands

A list of all API command can be found in the documentation.

To execute an API command enter it in the following form and replace the brackets with your commands specific data.

apicmd.exe "[API command name]" "'[parameter name]'=>'[parameter value]';  '[additional parameter]'=>'[additional value]';"

Please mind the small ' before, after every parameter and value.

Please note, that only the latest API Controller version can be used to send command to the server. Use the ”update_client” command to update your program.

Program Commands

Beside the API - commands other commands specific for the program itself can be used, which are explained here.


This command can be used to test your user data. If the test connection was successful it will be displayed in your console.


specifies on which API - server you want to work on, possible values are “Livesystem” or “Sandbox”
your API user name
your user password


This command checks if there is a new program version available and displays it.


With this command you can download the newest program version. If a new version was found and the download was successful, the setup is started automatically.

Addition Parameters

The parameters listed here are used by the API Controller only and are not mentioned in the API documentation. They offer additional possibilities to control the API commands. To use these parameters enter them in a second block of parameters after the first, enclosed by “ ” and also use the same form as for the first.


This parameter can be used with any API command. A path to an alternative configuration file is expected as value. Although this file must contain the same lines as the file “config.ini” in your installation directory.


This parameter can be used for the command “server.get_traffic_graph”. A path to an output file for the graph image is expected as value. Unlike as described in the documentation this command returns an already decoded PNG file which can be viewed.