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BackupHD/online HD


BackupHD/online HD


You can manage your BackupHD via our EUserv Storage Web-Client. You just need a current web browser for this.

Access to the BackupHD/online HD via the EUserv Storage Web-Client

The user data for your BackupHD can be found in our customer center.

1. Log in to the customer center.
2. Select your contract.
3. Under FTP-Backup click "Verwaltung".


Now you see an overview of the user data for your BackupHD. For logging in to the EUserv Storage Web-Client you need an FTP username and your FTP password.

To log in to the EUserv Storage Web-Client proceed as follows:

1. Open your browser.
2. Open the URL: "".


3. Enter the user name and the password for your BackupHD and click "Anmeldung".
4. Now you see the content of your online disk.


Via the EUserv Storage Web-Client you can:

* move, copy, delete or rename files and folders
* create new files and folders
* upload files