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Guide virtual MAC addresses VMware ESXi


Guide virtual MAC addresses VMware ESXi


When creating virtual machines, ESXi uses special virtual MAC addresses for the network adapter(s). This is due to the underlying virtual "hardware". If you are using a server for virtualization purposes at EUserv, it is necessary to use predefined virtual MAC addresses for the virtual machines.

VMware uses the range 00:50:56:00:00:00-00:50:56:3F:FF:FF for virtual MAC addresses. When creating additional IPs over the customer panel you can choose to have a unique virtual MAC created for VMware.

In order to create a new Co-IP with a VMware-compatible MAC address, please proceed as follows: Kundencenter Server IP Adressen/en

Configuring the MAC address

At first, create a new virtual machine. Information about this procedure can be found here: Guide VMware ESXi/en

After you have created the virtual machine in the vSphere Client right-click on it and select Edit Settings.... Please note that this can only be done if the virtual machine is powered down:

From the Hardware tab choose the network adapter of the virtual machine:

Now select the Manual option under the MAC Address point in the right menu. Enter the virtual MAC address from the customer panel into the field. Finally, confirm by clicking OK.