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Setting up subdomains


Setting up subdomains


If you have an EUserv webspace plan, you have a certain amount of storage space for your website and/or web applications that are available and can create for specific subdomains.

To see the content of your webspace and make externally accessible via http/https, you can create subdomains for it. This allows you to create various websites on your web server (e.g., "privat.meinedomain.de" and "dienst.meinedomain.de"). How to activate https for your subdomain, you find here: https://www.euserv.com/wiki/index.php/Kundencenter_Webspace_SSL-Support/en

Creating subdomains

In the EUserv customer service center, you have the possibility to create and manage different subdomains.

Choose your webspace contract for which you want to create the subdomain.


Once you have selected your webspace contract, click on "Subdomains".


Here you can set up your webspace subdomains. Click on "Anlegen" under "Neue Subdomain" to open the corresponding menu.


Creating subdomains

In this part of the EUserv customer service center you can create the desired subdomains. Each subdomain is accompanied by a fixed part of the domain (e.g., meinedomain.de) and can consist of letters and numbers.

In the field "Zielverzeichnis:" indicate the subfolder on which your subdomain can be brought up. Please note here that the subfolder must already exist.

Subdomains for a contract internal domain

If you want a subdomain for a domain that belongs to your EUserv webspace, click on "Subdomain von Domain, die in diesem Vertrag verwaltet wird:".

In the input field you define your desired subdomain (e.g., subdomain.meinedomain.de).

In the back drop-down menu you can select for which domain of your EUserv webspace tariff you set up the subdomain.


Subdomains for an external domain

If you want a subdomain for an external domain which does not belong to your EUserv webspace, click on "Subdomain von extern:".

In the input field you define your desired subdomain with the external domain (e.g., subdomain.externedomain.de).

However, be sure that the CNAME of the external subdomain pointing to the main domain of your webspace EUserv contract!


Editing/deleting subdomains

To change the options, click on the overview page "Subdomains" right next to the desired subdomain "Ändern".

If you want to delete a subdomain again, just click on "Löschen".