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Using PuTTY


Using PuTTY


If you have an EUserv virtual server plan, there is a possibility to comprehensively configure it in the customer service center.

You also need special parameters that you can find in the customer service center, too.

In order to connect to your virtual server with SSH, you need a corresponding program. For Windows users, we recommend "PuTTY" which can be downloaded from http://www.putty.org.

Preparing PuTTY

In the EUserv customer service center, you have the opportunity to read and edit various virtual server data.

Choose your virtual server contract for which you want to use PuTTY.


Once you have selected your virtual server contract, click on "vServerdaten".


Starting a PuTTY session

Start the downloaded "putty.exe" in your download folder with a double click. PuTTY is now ready.


You have to enter the connection parameters under "Host Name (or IP address)". These consist of the user name and the IP address. To login as the administrator, you can use the username "root" and the IP address of your virtual server associated with @. Your connection command should look like this: root@ ( is only an example). The IP address of your virtual server can be found on the previously mentioned site in the EUserv customer service center below "Konfigurations-Daten des vServers".


By clicking on "Open" you establish the connection.

In the console, which is now open, you must login accordingly. This is done with the "Default-Passwort", which can also be found below "Konfigurations-Daten des vServers" and enter it directly into the PuTTY console. You can also copy the password from the EUserv customer service center and paste it into the PuTTY console by right-clicking on the green cursor box. Confirm your inputs by pressing the enter key.


You will automatically come to the input, if the login was successfull.


There you can enter commands that you want to send to your virtual server.

Duplicating a PuTTY session

You can duplicate your PuTTY session if you want to write a script and run it simultaneously.

To duplicate a session, click the right mouse button on the top of the window frame where your IP address is. Now click the option "Duplicate Session".


It will popup another console window in which you can enter inputs.