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Using the storage web client


Using the storage web client


If you have an EUserv backupHD plan, there is a possibility to comprehensively establish it in the customer service center.

Also, you have the ability to manage your backupHD on our EUserv storage web client. All you need is a FTP backup account and a current web browser. How to create a FTP backup account, can be find here

Starting the storage web client

Choose your backupHD contract for which you want to start the EUserv storage web client.


Once you have selected your backupHD contract, click on "Verwaltung".


Here you can start the web client for your backupHD. The overview "Verwaltung" shows, how much storage space you already use, how much storage is available in your tariff and general information about your backupHD.


To start the EUserv storage web client, click on the link in the customer service center or use your browser: https://support.euserv.de/web-storage/ For the log in, you need your FTP username and FTP password.


Using the storage web client

Login with your FTP user data.


After the login you will automatically get on the overview page. You will see the entire contents of your backupHD clearly represented.


Creating a folder

In this overview you can choose between different options. Click on "Neuer Ordner" to create a new folder in your current directory.


On 'Erstellen neuer Verzeichnisse' you can create up to 5 folders in a single operation. Click on the "blauen Pfeil"(blue arrow) to return back to main menu. This confirm your operations, always click on the 'grünen Haken'(green check mark) next to the blue arrow.

Creating files

By clicking on "Neue Datei", it is possible to create files directly from the Storage Web client, and save them in the directory.


To save your new created file, click on the "Diskette" (Disc) above. Click on the "blauen Pfeil" (blue arrow) to return back to main menu.

Uploading files

To upload new files to your directory, just click "Upload".


By clicking on "Browse" you are searching your local PC for the desired file. You can add more files by clicking "Weitere hinzufügen". Click on "In Ordner hochladen" and choose the destination directory to store your file.

Manage files

You can manage the files on your hard disk like in the local system e.g., "Kopieren", "Verschieben", "Löschen" or "Umbenennen". To use one of these options you must select the desired checkbox next to the file name.


Moving data

If you move several files you can rename them by changing "Ziel Name". Within one click you can choose one destination folder for all selected files.

Deleting data

To delete a file, select the checkbox and select the option "Löschen". You will be forwarded to the confirmation page. Click on the "grünen Haken" (green check mark) to confirm the settings.

Downloading files

To download a file, click on this file. Now this is being downloaded.


Complete the storage web client

If you have finished your work on your online hard disk, click on the 'Off-Button'. Logging off is very important for the security of your data, particularly if you have used public PC's (e.g., Internet café, library etc).