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Perform a server reset


Perform a server reset


If you have an EUserv server plan, there is a possibility to configure it in the customer service center.

You also need special parameters that you can find in the customer service center, too.

A reset is a simple restart of your server. If it is properly and fully implemented from the customer service center, no stored data will get lost.

Prepare a reset

In the EUserv customer service center, you have the possibility to select and edit different server data.

First choose your server contract for which you want to perform the reset (reboot).


Once you have selected your contract, click on "Premium-Webreset".


Perform a reset

In the caption "Daten für Server-Reset" you will see the data of your server. Here you can check, if this server is the correct one.


With the check box "Bestätigung per Email" you will be informed by email when the reset has been performed.


"Art des Resets", you can select the type of the reset.

Soft reset

If you select "Soft Reset", your server will be restarted with the command "Ctl+Alt+Del".

This is the gentle version for software and hardware.


Hard reset

If you select "Hard Reset", your server will be restarted, when you press the hardware reset button on your computer.

This is not the gentlest version for software and hardware, but an alternative if the soft reset does not achieve the desired result.