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Creating CronJobs


Creating CronJobs


If you have an EUserv webspace plan, you have the possibility of using CronJobs for your homepage.

A CronJob can be compared to a switch time watch. About it, you can determine from and by when, and at what interval various scripts that are stored on your webspace in which to run. You must not always care personally of your recurring tasks, such as Backups of data or archive logs files.


In the EUserv customer service center, you have the possibility of creating CronJobs.

Choose your webspace contract for which you want to create the CronJobs.


Once you have selected your webspace contract, click on "mySQL".


Here you can set up your webspace CronJobs. The overview "CronJobs" shows, how many available tariff you have in your CronJobs, how many CronJobs you have already created, which have each CronJobs timing and what status they have. Click on "Anlegen" under "Neuen CronJob" to open the corresponding menu.


Setting up a CronJob

In this part of the EUserv customer service center you can create the desired CronJob. Every CronJobs must be defined before a sub-domain (how to create a subdomain, you can find here https://www.euserv.com/wiki/index.php/Kundencenter_Webspace_Subdomains/en) and to be linked to run the script.

In the drop-down menu under "Subdomain" you select from the corresponding subdomain. Under "Pfad zum Skript" you define the path to the desired script e.g., "unterverzeichis/skriptname.php".

In "Ausführungs-Intervall:" has another drop-down menu, where you can specify in which stroke your script to run (10min, 1h, 1d, 1w).

In the field under "Erste Ausführung", you specify which day, what time your script to be started. From the first run your script is running in the specified interval. Should there be a specific endpoint on which your script is the last time to run, so you can define this by "letzte Ausführung". It´s not provided a final version, just easy leave these fields blank.

Clicking on "Speichern" to confirm your settings.


Editing/deleting a CronJob

To change the options, click on the overview page "CronJobs" right next to the desired CronJob in the pencil icon.

If you want to delete a CronJob again, click on the recycle bin symbol.