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Automate the management of your EUserv services

XML-API: Automate the management of your EUserv servicesYou want to attach your own control panel to EUserv's management database? You want to programm your own smartphone or desktop app to connect or you just want to automate your purchase processes. Then is the EUserv XML-API is the perfect tool for you.

What is XML-API service?

Our application programming interface, you have the ability to write your own program to access the services of EUserv. Our API is based on the XML-RPC protocol. This is a remote procedure call protocol that operates over the Internet. Various functions can be controlled via this interface, without having to log in separately from the browser in EUserv's control panel.


It can also be carried out diverse configuration and control of your servers. For example, reverse DNS entries can set, server reboots or reinstallation performed or the rescue mode to be activated.



This interface opens up numerous possibilities in particular resellers of EUserv services. This can enable the management capabilities similar to our customer in their own management systems for their customers and thus automate and minimize their administrative burden. Exclusively for resellers is also the possibility to process orders placed through this interface.

What advantages do you have as customer?

  • Automation of contract management
    Easier management of large domain portfolios. Also order and configuration of your service are possible for faster registration of domain names. Also you can use EUserv's fast domain check to check the registration status of a domain name.

  • Anonymization of service purchase
    Build your own customer control panel and connect it to EUserv's XML-API. As a reseller your customer get the services directly from you and you the responsible company for your customers requests.

  • Fast connection deployment, less work
    Each XML-API function is fast to deploy via running examples in PHP. Just copy/paste it in to you own PHP-application.

  • Build your own app
    With XML-API you are able to build your own app for Android, IOS or other other platforms.

What's with XML-API service to consider?

  • valid and approved customer account is needed
  • minimum of one active contract is needed
  • item or product group support is needed (this depends on upcoming development states of API)
  • For more information see the API documentation in EUserv wiki

How to order XML-API service?

  • Activate XML-API management user in customer control panel
    For using our API you must create a management user in EUserv's control panel under menu item "Management API".

What fees apply for XML-API service?

  • We do not charge any additional costs for this service.

Contract-Term, Termination and Billing

  • Contract Period: n/a
  • Notice period: n/a
  • Billing: n/a

Delivery time

  • immediately activation after creating XML-API management user without any delay

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