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Ready-to-Run Server

Immediately available dedicated servers for personal and business applications

Ready-to-Run Server

Ready-to-Run Server

The EUserv Ready-to-Run (RTR) servers are performant servers based on dedicated hardware. Equipped with great inclusive features such as 20 monthly free IP addresses or backup storage, the servers are ideal for large scale private and business projects.


All offered servers are hosted in our German data center with redundant infrastructure and connected to the Internet with 1Gbit.


The RTR servers enable professionals to get started in dedicated hosting under completely independent administration (self-managed server) with full admin / root access.


List of available server models

RTR-A8Intel Xeon E3-1231v33,4 GHz4 (8)
32 GB
2x 2000 GB SATA
HW Raid1
3, 12 months77.35 EURstarting at 0.00 EUR
RTR-A7Intel Xeon E3-1231v33,4 GHz4 (8)
32 GB
2x 500 GB SSD
HW Raid1
available soon
RTR-A4AMD Opteron 42802,8 GHz8 (8)
32 GB
4x 2000 GB SATA
3, 12 months65.45 EURstarting at 0.00 EUR
RTR-A9Intel Xeon E3-12303,2 GHz4 (8)
16 GB
4x 2000 GB SATA
3, 12 months59.50 EURstarting at 0.00 EUR
RTR-A11AMD Phenom II X6 1055T (MSI)2,8 GHz6 (6)
32 GB
2x 2000 GB SATA
3, 12 months59.50 EURstarting at 0.00 EUR
RTR-A1Intel Xeon E3-1230v23,3 GHz4 (8)
32 GB
2x 2000 GB SATA
3, 12 months53.55 EURstarting at 0.00 EUR
RTR-A3AMD Opteron 42802,8 GHz8 (8)
32 GB
2x 2000 GB SATA
3, 12 months53.55 EURstarting at 0.00 EUR
RTR-A6Intel Pentium G4600 (MSI)3,6 GHz2 (4)
16 GB
2x 3000 GB SATA
3, 12 months53.55 EURstarting at 0.00 EUR
RTR-A10AMD Phenom II X6 1055T (MSI)2,8 GHz6 (6)
16 GB
2x 1000 GB SATA
3, 12 months47.60 EURstarting at 0.00 EUR
RTR-A2AMD Phenom II X6 1055T (MSI)2,8 GHz6 (6)
16 GB
2x 2000 GB SATA
3, 12 months41.65 EURstarting at 0.00 EUR

Detail Features for RTR - Server

Network + Traffic

Network connection connection speed to a dedicated switchport 1x 1 Gbit/s
Bandwidth   unmetered ¹
¹: All traffic usage is included and without further charge (flat fee). We do not cap connection speed. This means server has unlimited / unmetered bandwidth.


diskless remote Rescue-System 24x7 SSH access without booting from harddisk yes
Remote Reboot reboot server 24x7 via customer control panel yes
Free Reinstall reinstall server 24x7 via customer control panel yes
Free OS-Change change operating system via customer control panel yes
Reverse DNS personalize Reverse DNS-entries of IP-addresses yes
FTP-Backup network storage for backups 100 GB
graphical Bandwidth Utilization MRTG graphs yes
IPv4-Addresses free of monthly charge 20
IPv6-Addresses free of monthly charge 20
IPv6-netblocks free of monthly charge 20x /64
Postinstall scripts run own shell-scripts after installation of the server yes
Live Monitoring System* live health monitoring of the server yes
Failover-IP use IP-address on more than one server see pricing
*) LMS is still under development and comes in a customer-usable beta status.

Service Level + Guarantee

Hardware lifetime server replacement free
Network SLA Network availability p.a. 99,90%

Operating Systems

Linux Linux based OS free*
BSD FreeBSD / OpenBSD free
Windows Windows Server
2008R2 / 2012R2 / 2016 (self installed via KVM-over-IP, no support)
add your own licence
Own Windows Server licence Install your own purchased Windows Server licence yes
    show all selectable OS
*) Additional licences may needed for full usage depending on selected OS or Admin-Panel.

Help + Support

Community support free forum membership yes
Documentation via EUserv wiki yes
FAQ via EUserv FAQ system yes
24x7 Email support Queue based Ticket System yes
Phone support Support via English and German speaking inhouse staff during business hours yes

Contract + Termination

Contract Term* possible contract terms 3 month or 12 month
Contract renewal type type of contract renewal: automatic or manual automatic
Payment Term* prepayment period 1, 3 or 12 month
Termination notice* min. time to cancel contract before automatic renewal 1 month
(at 3 month contract term)
3 month
(at 12 month contract term)
*) Terms may vary for specials or promotional offers.


Advantages & customer benefits:

  • Many IP addresses: 20 monthly free IP addresses

  • IPv6 networks: 20 monthly free IPv6 / 64 networks

  • Availability: fast delivery, no waiting

  • Deployment: Fast commissioning, many operating systems are available as automatic installation

  • Cost security: Traffic flat rate without forced throttling

  • Flexibility: Contract periods of 3 or 12 months are possible

Application examples:

  • Classic hosting server for customer websites

  • Virtualization host system

  • Expansion or replacement server

  • Externally hosted workgroup server in a German data center

  • Application server (e.g., private mail server, web server, or development environment)


*)**)***) All prices are included VAT depending on selected country, price tags are per month if not displayed different, additional one time setup fee may apply starting at 0,- EUR. Please watch full description, details and pricing of service. Contract term depends on ordered service from one month. Our terms and conditions obtain for every placed order. Technical data are subject to change. Errors excepted. Productnames, logos and trademarks reside in owner although if not separate marked.

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